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Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
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What Is Wig Density?

The density of a wig can change the style dramatically. The wig can change from flat to full, or a natural look to an unnatural look. However, many shoppers do not know what wig density means.

Wig density is the hair knots by the square inch. Generally, if you count the hairs in one square inch of the wig, it will determine the density. Slight variations are common by most manufacturers.

There are 5 categories of wig density:

  • Light
  • Light-medium
  • Medium
  • Medium-heavy
  • Heavy

How Does Density Impact the Wig?

Density relates to the amount of hair per square inch, not the length. The higher density, the more volume and body the wig will have. The does not mean high density wigs are better. Depending on your features, a light wig may be more appropriate for you. The best wigs look natural and closely related to your biological hair. For example, if you are from European decent or have light hair, the light density wig is more fitting.

Light-medium or medium density wigs are great for people who want to add body to the crown of their head. Medium density works great for wavy hair. Heavy density is perfect for people who want to add volume and body to their hairstyle.

Everyday Beautiful are wig experts in Largo, Florida. We can help find a wig that looks natural and beautiful on you. Visit our wig shop in Largo today!

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