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Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
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16 inch Human Hair Closed Weft Wig

Original price was: $885.00.Current price is: $600.00.

100% Single Donor Human Hair. Endless Styling options. Lace Front Creates the illusion of your own hairline and your option of off-the-face styling. This piece is all hand tied which Creates the appearance of completely natural growth. Adjustable straps on the inside to ensure you get a perfect fit. Very lightweight and comfortable.


100% Single Donor Human Hair.

Everyday Beautiful Human hair wigs look and feel incredibly natural because they are made from real human hair.
This piece can be styled just like your own hair.  This versatility allows for endless styling possibilities.
Comfortability is upmost importance in our Human hair wigs. We manufacture our own design of wig caps making this one of our lightest designs  that is very breathable and lightweight making it feel less restrictive on the scalp and making them ideal for long-term wear.  Because human hair wigs mimic the appearance and behavior of natural hair, they blend seamlessly with your own hairline and scalp. This creates a more realistic and undetectable look, even up close.
Our Human hair wigs can be custom-tailored to fit your unique preferences. They can be cut, colored, and styled to match your natural hair or achieve a completely new look.

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