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Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
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Still not convinced? Read client experiences below to see what the fuss is all about.

This shop and people are awesome!!

Gave great information on the different types, materials, and instructions on care! They helped me pick one out and with the style! It was a great experience!
-Bryanna Higgens

Laurie and her team are FABULOUS!

When I went in for the first time all I knew was I wanted a human hair wig to withstand my sailing environment and a synthetic to wear out on the town while the human one was drying after I washed it. They helped/guided me in the style, length, and color that suited me. Now every time someone sees a photo of me the first time the immediate comment is, “OMG, I love your hair!” And still, they continue to tweak it for me and teach me how to style it a girl! Love them! Thank you, Laurie, Paulette, Faith, and all for making me feel pretty!
-Josie C.


The service in this store was beyond incredible. I walked in knowing absolutely nothing about the wig world. I had surgery four months ago that resulted in large hair loss and figured I would pop into a wig shop and entertain the idea of a wig until my hair came back in without the intention of buying a wig. Within an hour I had a wig to take home, complimentary wine, and the biggest smile! The owners and their stylists were so incredibly helpful and kind. They didn’t try to oversell anything or make me feel pressured. Would recommend this business to anyone looking for wigs 100%!
-Marissa Thompson

The absolute best.

Her wigs are top-notch. She showed me that I could be a beautiful lady and I get nothing but compliments every time I use the transformation service. Strangers come up to me out of nowhere just to tell me how I look. It’s all thanks to Every Day Beautiful.
-Brian Barwick

Wow! So fantastic!

In early July I attempted to bleach my hair and I completely fried it and lost a good amount of hair. Later, in the middle of August, I went to a “professional” to dye my hair back to its original color and did a very bad job! So now my hair was dead and patchy. I was feeling very insecure so I was looking for a good wig. After hopping around the different wig stores I found this one! They offered me a custom blonde wig which was just what I was looking for! They even curled it too! I would recommend this store and it is also trans-friendly! So great.

Awesome shop!

Great owner and staff very friendly and superb service! I highly recommend.
-Sara Woodruf

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