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Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
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How-To Style Your Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs may not be as multi-faceted at human wigs but the wigs can be styled for an affordable price. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled, whether that is curly, wavy, or a short bob. You may want to loosen the curls or change the side of the part. This is possible. You just need the right tools and technique. Before you start, make sure you have the following supplies;

  • Tangle Free Brush
  • Wig styling products (We use the same products on Synthetic hair as we do Human Hair)
  • We recommend using all natural chemical & paraben free products ( we love the Enjoy Line and carry it in store and on our website as well)
  • Styrofoam styling head

Once you have these products, you are ready to style your synthetic piece

Styling Your Synthetic Wig

Your wig is best styled when it is dry. Place your dry wig on the Styrofoam styling head. Styling your wig on a head ensures that you don’t miss any sections while getting an accurate visual. A head also provides a 360-degree view.
Use a chin strap if you have one. This keeps your wig in place. You won’t have to worry about it moving around.

Start by brushing your wig with your tangle free brush. .

After the wig is styled, lightly spray with water. Start at the base of the wig and work up. Do not brush or touch your wig when it is wet. This can stretch the fibers.

Contact Everyday Beautiful in Largo, Florida for more tips on maintaining a beautiful wig. We offer a variety of services to bring your synthetic or human hair pieces back to life and perfectly styled for you. Our wig shop in Largo is here to help!

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