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Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
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Taking Care of Your Synthetic Wig

Your wig is a valuable investment toward making you feel more beautiful. These life altering investments should be taken care of wisely. There are proper procedures to extend the life and quality of your wig. Without doing so, your investment will last for only a fraction of the time.

Synthetic wigs have specific procedures to maintain the quality. The processes take little time and can make your wig last years longer.

Caring for a Synthetic Wig

  • Handle your wig gently.
  • Brush your wig with a wig brush to remove tangles. We also have Detangling Spray for tough knots.
  • Brush your wig before washing. Your wig should be washed every 4-6 wears.
  • Use wig shampoos and conditioners only. We have Therapeutic Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner for washing your synthetic wig.
  • Air dry your wig by hanging it loosely on a wig stand.
  • Avoid contact with heat or boiling water.

Your synthetic wig is an important addition toward your mental and physical well-being. Everyday Beautiful has premium quality wigs to help you feel your best. When you acquire a wig, make sure to handle it with care. Everyday Beautiful is a wig shop in Largo, Florida. Contact us today!

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