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Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
Perfecting the Art of Being Beautiful
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Will Insurance cover my hair loss?

Will insurance cover my hair loss? 

If you are suffering from hair loss from a medical conditions in many cases the answer is a simple ,YES! 

Most insurance policies will cover between 80-100 percent of a hair replacement unit for medical reasons 

Talk to your doctor as soon as possible to find out if your condition is caused from a medical reason. 

Hair loss for any reason can be an extremely stressful time in any persons life, finding out the expense of a hair replacement unit only adds to the stress.

At Everyday Beautiful we will help you with each step of the process and walk you through the insurance process. 

Contact us today if you need more details or have any questions 

Weather or not you purchase from us we are here to help !

Helping men and woman through their hair loss journey is truly our passion and we are here to help !

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